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Central Heating Boilers

Replacing central heating boilers can save you thousands of pounds. A new boiler is a great way of decreasing the costs of running your central heating. Modern systems can be over 90% efficient, compared to the efficiency of older systems which averages approximately 60%. Think how much you central heating bill is - you may be throwing away up to 40% of this money because your boiler isn't working well. This could be cut to 10% by getting a more modern system installed. The service we can offer you, which is totally free of charge, is to get several quotes from companies in your area so you can find out what the costs would be of a new system; the companies will be able to provide accurate figures for exactly how much energy a new system could save you, and therefore the financial return for getting a newer system... and that's not to mention the other benefits, such as increase reliability and therefore lower maintenance costs and less chance of a winter breakdown, or alternatively, it means your showers and taps may have much higher water pressure and thus will work better too!

A common myth with replacing the boiler in your central heating system is that it's a very difficult and time-consuming process. When we get new companies on board in our quote system, we always ask them what the typical installation process is like for a new boiler; most companies can replace the boiler within just 2 days. However, this certainly isn't a task you're likely to be able to do yourself - you must have received the proper training and accreditation else it could be illegal to try to change the boiler as an ambitious DIY project! All of our companies can provide a free quote for the work, and they are all Gas Safe registered.

Just pop your details into the form on the right and someone will be in touch - a member of our friendly call centre will give you a ring to find out what sort of boiler you're looking for, and when you'd like it installed. If you've got any questions at all or are unsure about anything, they'll gladly help. The service is totally free of charge, and there's no obligation at all, so feel free to just fill out the form and we'll gladly answer any questions you have even if you decide not to go ahead and get a quote. We are completely independent from the boiler companies themselves, thus can offer independent advice - it makes no financial difference to us whether or not you actually get a new boiler installed. We talk to dozens of customers every day, so we've already done our best to answer every question imaginable - try us!



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