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Baxi Boilers

Baxi boilers are one of the oldest companies providing central heating and boilers - the company started in 1866, and are one of the best-known companies in the UK. The first product made by Baxi was actually produced in the 1930s - it was a totally controllable underfloor system which could provide solid fuel heating. By the 1990s, they expanded across Europe, eventually buying Ocean Idroclima and the Blue Circle Heating Division in 1999.

Baxi Boiler Reviews

Searching online for Baxi boiler reviews brings up mixed opinions. They certainly have a lot of fans, but Baxi also have a range of people who aren't as satisfied. Which? conducted a survey, and found an average customer score of 71% for Baxi boilers, based on 1,707 responses from their panel members, based on boilers which were bought after April 2005.

Baxi Boiler Range

Baxi has several ranges of combi boilers - the Baxi Platinum combi boilers, the Baxi Duo-tec 2 GA combi boilers and finally the Neta-tec combi boilers. Baxi boilers also include the Baxi Solo heat-only range of boilers, as well as the Baxi Bermuda back boilers, and finally the Baxi Megaflo system boiler range.

Baxi Boiler Warranty

Baxi boilers generally come with a two-year warranty, which you can register through filling out the card which comes with the boiler itself, or you can register online at the Baxi website. Their warranty phone number is 08448711525. They can offer extended warranties too - known as "breakdown plans" to cover the period after the warranty has expired. The 2 year standard warranty seems quite short compared to other makes of boiler.

Baxi Products on Offer

Baxi don't just offer boilers - they also offer a wide-range of renewable products. The full list of Baxi products is as follows:
  • Gas Boilers
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Biomass Solid Fuel Boilers
  • Combined Heat and Power



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