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Atag Boilers

ATAG boilers have been produced since the 1980s, taking full advantage of the knowledge and economies of scale of the ATAG Heating Group. A range of ATAG boilers are on offer - they can provide compact boilers, condensing, wall hung, system boilers and combi boilers too. They use some advanced technology in their boilers - such as their inverted pre-mixed burner. They also offer a completely stainless steel heat exchanger in all the ATAG boiler systems.

These technologies are included in the ATAG Premier range, as well as their newer models - the Q and E series ATAG boilers. The company terms this "super-high efficiency", because it means there can be continuously changing modulation so the boiler can be adapted to the building, as well as controls which are weather dependent - a great buy for the gadget lovers amongst you!

ATAG combi boilers are all SEDBUK A rated - the highest rating possible in the UK for energy efficiency. The power of their boilers ranges from 20kW to 51kW, which should be ample for almost any house. Every boiler model produced has several flue options available, as well as flexible linears. Their Q series combi boilers are best for larger properties. They all have a DHW storage facility which means greater comfort, and they also include electronic variable speed pumps.

The A series of ATAG combi boilers are designed fro domestic and small commercial buildings. They have a high duty plate and frame heat exchanger for DHW, and they also have an in-built constant volume pump. The A 325EC Super combi is particularly impressive - they claim the highest efficiency of any boiler in Europe at 95% in DHW mode and 97.3% in heating mode. This could mean you'll save a fortune on your heating bill, because boilers as an investment can offer great returns.

ATAG Boiler Reviews and Reliability

So, are ATAG boilers reliable? Online, they have a great reputation amongst engineers. However, they are known as being quite complicated to service because of all their advanced features such as their modulation which depends on the household. ATAG boilers generally have a great reputation when reading their online reviews - known for lasting a long time, with all of the features you need. Buying one is akin to buying a very nice car - it probably won't go wrong, but will be a bit expensive to fix. However, their quality is outstanding so they look like a great investment for your household.



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