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Ariston Boilers

Ariston began as a brand in 1960, and have expanded from Italy across the world. Ariston boilers are produced by the Ariston Thermo Group, which in 2008 had sales reaching €1.2 billion, producing 6.5 million products across 19 factories, with nearly 7,000 employees and sales across 150 countries.

The range of products produced by Ariston comprises Ariston gas boilers, unvented cylinders, renewables, water heaters, and various domestic appliances.

Ariston Boiler Efficiency

Every Ariston gas boiler is SEDBUK Band A - the highest possible energy efficiency rating for a boiler in the UK.

Ariston Boiler Guarantees

The CLAS HE and the CLAS HE R boilers both come with a 5 year guarantee. The E-COMBI and E-SYSTEM boilers carry a 2 year guarantee. Both of these guarantees are short compared to other brands, for example, Alpha Boilers offer a 5-7 year guarantee with their products.

Ariston Boiler Reviews and Reliability

A quick search online for Ariston boiler reviews quickly brings up quite a lot of criticism, with a few people reporting on that they've bough boilers made by Ariston and they've had serious issues. Others report that their boiler worked fine, until it went wrong - with Ariston engineers not working on the weekends, so you're in trouble if it breaks down on a Friday afternoon. Which Magazine, however, has rated Ariston boilers as a 'BestBuy', which is a much sought-after accolade.



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