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Alpha Boilers

Alpha boilers have been produced and supplied by Alpha Heating Innovation for over 45 years, with a range of high efficiency gas boilers available. Alpha boilers have many different types - there are Alpha combi boilers, Alpha system boilers, Alpha regular boilers as well as the Alpha storage combination boiler which is mounted on a wall, rather than being stored in an airing cupboard.

Alpha boilers are not the only thing produced by Alpha Heating Innovation. They also have a range of other products to increase boiler efficiency - they offer GasSave, SolarSmart and Flowsmart, which can all increase energy efficiency.

Alpha Boiler Reviews

A quick look around on the internet reveals that Alpha makes its boilers in Italy, in the largest boiler making factory in Europe, and they use a British design. It is said their heat exchanger looks a lot like the one, although it has been confirmed that the two are different.

Alpha boiler prices are not known as being either the most expensive or the cheapest on the market - they are somewhere in the middle.

Alpha Heating offers a range of guarantees. InTec C combi boilers and InTec S system boilers both come with an all-inclusive guarantee that lasts for 5 years as standard. Alpha also offer the option to increase this to a 7 year all inclusive guarantee when the PremierPack wall-mounting jig is fitted to the boiler.

Alpha boilers run quietly too - PTS Plumbing is a very big stockist of Alpha boilers, although going through them may not be the best way to get the lowest price.

Alpha Boiler Efficiency

Alpha's 'High Efficiency Boilers' range are all band 'A' rated for efficiency, which is the highest possible rating for a boiler. Within this range, they offer combination boilers, system boilers and regular boilers. Their high efficiency combi boilers are great for delivering hot water on demand without the need for a storage tank. Their system boilers use a storage cylinder and may be a better choice if you want to have lots of baths or regular use a large volume of hot water. Their regular boilers within their high efficiency boilers range are the ideal way to replace an old cast iron boiler if you've got one of those knocking around in your house and wasting lots of energy!



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